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Valve release source code to unreal game for free

July 20, 2010 Comments off

Valve released an updated version of Alien Swarm, a popular Unreal Tournament 2004 total conversion mod. The creators of the mod were hired by Valve, and they’ve helped turn it into a stand-alone game running on the Source engine. Valve is also releasing the code base for Alien Swarm and an SDK. The game is available for free on Steam.

There is probably some nice stuff to learn that can still be applicable to UDK here !

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Sony announce officially that it will be last to updgrade to next gen consoles

July 16, 2010 Comments off

As stated in an article at gamasutra, I am not very surprised to see this statement from Sony. I firmly believe that Nintendo will basically still do the same thing as always by ignoring the competition and doing farely good by themselves. The surprise would come on the part of Microsoft. They are have been loosing on many fronts in the recent years and their brand is becoming more fragile than it used to. I still wonder what would have had happened if Epic would not had fought to have the 512 MB in that machine…it would surely had led to a big debacle. From my standpoint, with xbox live grossing big profits, it is wise to think that the next generation will be digital content based and that physical media production will start to diminish. It will not entirely stop for sure, but we will have to see what Microsoft will think about, because I cannot envision a next console from Microsoft that bundles a Blueray, what do you think ?

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Some news

July 7, 2010 Comments off

Hi to all, I have defintly lost sight of time for the last two months, Univerity has taken its toll on me as well as some other personal matters. I wish I had time to rewrite the whole tutorial section for UDK because there is yet another version that came out. At one point I will sit down and have a good look at the code when its not BETA anymore. There seem to have minimal API changes between version that you should be able to figure it out by yourselves I hope.

On another side note I have pre-ordered Unity3 and hope to have my hands soon on it. They are giving them very slowly but it does not matter because I lack the time to program anything outside of school. So I will keep you guys posted when I get out of this hell and after I take a summer break ;)

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